Humanities and Science Department


The Department of Humanities and Science started with the very inception of Government Polytechnic Panaji, in 1963. The Department comprises of five disciplines namely, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and communication skills. Our main focus is to provide a strong base in Basic Sciences which form a foundation to the Engineering subjects.

Technically engineering is applied physics which is about figuring out how things work, while engineering is the practice of making things that work. It is also very important for the engineers to know the fundamental properties of the material they use. Whether it is civil, mechanical, fabrication or other engineering fields, the makeup of substances is always a key factor which must be known. Math is a fundamental tool used by engineers to analyse and solve problems. The environmental education of engineers is a very critical part because of the wide-ranging effect their work has on the environment. This course gives them knowledge about careful handling of the issues like pollution, overexploitation of natural resources, food security and sustainable development. Effective communication skills are crucial to success. Having strong written and oral business communication skills will make students more competitive, more “promotable” and more productive on the job.

A Team of experienced and well qualified staff members walk through the way in enlightening and educating the students in all their endeavours. Apart from preparing the students for higher courses, the department also encourages conducting various workshops and seminars.

The role of humanities and sciences in engineering has been gaining more and more importance as the job environment is becoming more competitive, global and socially responsive. Along with core engineering knowledge, development of soft skills or people skills, analytical abilities and awareness for environment, safety and professional ethics have become important ingredients for successful engineering careers. Thus our department plays a very important role in shaping the career of students by building a strong foundation for the prospective and promising Engineers.

Laboratories for Physics and Chemistry are fully equipped with modern equipment to meet the requirements of the syllabi and replenished as and when necessary. In Chemistry Lab students perform experiments in volumetric Analysis in Chemistry Laboratory. The Laws in nature are taught perfectly in the Physics Lab to make the students get basic foundation of engineering field.

In view of the rapid development of knowledge, the technological changes, the demands of fast growing corporate sectors, the department is in the process of setting up a language laboratory and also a lab for environmental studies.

1 Dipak GaitondeDr. DIPAK C. S. GAITONDE
HoD, Dept of Humanities & Science, Chairman Admission Committee.
M.Sc. (Chem), PhD (Env.Sc.) PGDEM

Pay band: 37400-67000 AGP 9000/-





Lecturer, Chemistry (Sl. Gr.)
M.Sc., B. Ed
(0832) 2452458 / 9921207757

Pay band: 37400-67000 AGP-9000/-



Lecturer, Chemistry (Sl. Gr.)
M.Sc., B. Ed
9421744627/ (0832) 2420023

Pay band: 37400-67000 AGP 9000/-



5 KN JayashreeDr. JAYASHREE K.N.
Lecturer, Mathematics
M.Sc., PhD in Mathematics
9765745929/ (0832) 2459428

Pay band: 37400-67000 AGP-9000/-




Lecturer, Mathematics
M.Sc. (Mathematics)

Pay band: 15600-39000 AGP-5400/-




Lecturer, Communication skills
M.A (English)

Pay band: 15600-39000 AGP- 5400/-



3 Siddhesh BengalorkerMr. SIDDHESH BENGLORKAR
Laboratory Attendant

Pay Band: 4440-7440 + GP 1650/-



1 Pooja NaikMs. POOJA NAIK
Laboratory Assistant
XII Sci.

Pay Band: 5200-20200 + GP 2400/-